The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network Newsletter-June 20, 2024

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Our Vision

To have a network of Empowering T.V. Shows that promote, educate and assist others fulfill their dream to be their own boss!

Featuring Nancy Marks


I was so excited to watch Nancy Marks on the newest TV Show episode on The Inspirational Business Women Show because I am a stained glass artist too as a hobby. Nancy has a business and she had no idea she would turn her hobby into a business. As she says “It had not occurred to me until my husband said you can’t use the garage, that I could make a business out of it. “ Her advice to others who want to do their passion project “Stop listening to negative people .

Corporate tech geek to fused glass art passionate artist

After 30+ years as a corporate tech geek, Nancy Marks took a creative leap and found her passion in fused glass art. Beginning with a single class, despite her initial self-doubt about having any artistic talent. To her surprise, she discovered a knack for working with glass and embraced the imperfect beauty of her creations. Glass Arts Collective. More than just a studio, it’s a sanctuary where artists converge, forming an intimate community bound by the transformative power of art. It’s a place where mental well-being flourishes through artistic expression.

Spotlight on The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network

The Inspirational Business Women Show hosted by Virginia Parsons

Each show provides you with “a Goldmine of Entrepreneurial Ideas, Tips, Strategies and Advice to grow your business to new Heights of Success from Inspirational Business Women in the Know.

Hear the inspired stories and personal struggles of these amazing women and learn how they rose to the top of their field while making a big impact on the lives of others.

You can find and install Inspirational Business Women Show in Roku’s Channel Store by searching for Inspirational Business Women


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Besides, the Inspirational Business Women Show TV Channel, we have the HomeBizStartupTV channel , The Business of Homebased Business TV channel, the Business Success TV Channel and Finding your Purpose TV that we will be profiling weekly as new shows are released on the network.


TV CHANNEL Business Strategy Tip

Just like cable TV, you need to advertise your TV Channel everywhere.

Have you seen the countless ads by Netflix for House of Dragons recently on cable TV?

Well, just like TV Channels from classic TV, you need to promote, promote, promote on other channels to get people over to Your Channel to watch. Classic advertising techniques work just as well on streaming TV to get your audience!


Coming Soon!

On Demand TV and your Business Show on Linkedin all about having a streaming Television Channel……Check out Events Schedule on Linkedin.


The Visibility Broadcasting T.V. Network’s mission is to educate and entertain with the Streaming T.V. Channels in our network. They include right now, The Business of HomeBased Business TV,   HomeBizStartupTV Finding Your Purpose TV and Business Success TV and hosted Inspirational Business Women Show on Roku and AmazonFire.

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