Your Business can be on same TV Channel platform as Netflix

by | Oct 24, 2021 | Streaming TV

Streaming TV has become hot for producers, writers and actors to get their Television Show idea produced. As more people get into the habit of watching blockbuster TV Show like “Squid Games” on Netflix and there is a virality of growth of word of mouth that used to be only for movie blockbusters. Whereas once there was 24 hours of traditional Television that needed to be filled with new, repeat, syndicated shows and paid shows, now Streaming TV is all about choice. Having enough hours of TV Shows on the TV Channel so that people binge watch one TV show series and then another TV Show so there is constant need to bring new content onto the streaming television channel. Now, watching old syndicated favourite TV Series like “Friends” is attractive binge-watching but once done, there is need for new TV Shows to watch.
So, this Business Insider article is all about how Streaming TV Channels are now competing for TV Show series ideas so it is a good time if you have a TV Show script or production idea.

There have never been more places to sell a TV show in Hollywood.

The streaming boom has created an unprecedented number of platforms serving up scripted series. Many of these shiny new outlets come with deep pockets and extensive reach — and they’re shaking up the hierarchy of the town’s top TV buyers.

There have never been more places to sell a TV Show

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