The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network Mission Statement

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Trainings

The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network is dedicated to the Mission

To empower, assist and spread the Entrepreneurial spirit through the Visibility Broadcasting T.V. Network.

Our Vision

For The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network our vision  is to have a network of TV Channels that promote, celebrate and fulfill the dream of  the entrepreneurial spirit!

So far, we have

The Business of HomeBased Business TV

on Roku at business  and AmazonFire.

There are training on Mindset, Brand, Customer, How -to trainings, Free Software and Tools, Systems and Strategy to have for a successful home based business.

We have on the VBTVNetwork

HomeBizStartupTV also dedicated to helping to start run and grow a homebased business at

We have on the VBTVNetwork

Finding Your Purpose TV channel on Roku  was born in September 2019 as there is a need on the Internet for people to find their Purpose in Life!  It can be found at

Besides the show by Jane Gardner of Your Personality and Your Business, there is, and will be, Shows by other Experts in finding your Purpose and being more fulfilled as you Journey through your Life.

If you have a Purpose or Passion that you want to share on Finding Your Purpose TV then contact us at to send proposal for your TV Show.


Our Vision

To have a network of Empowering T.V. Shows that promote, educate and assist others fulfill their dream to be their own boss!

Our Values

To empower others, to share wisdom, deal honestly with others and your team and be a force for good in the world.



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