Jane Gardner , T.V. Producer and Video Marketer fell in love with video when she came onto the internet in 2016. The ease of producing a T.V. Google Show for a year through Youtube and she realized Video was the future of the internet and marketing!

She worked with her husband in their structural engineering firm home-based for last 20 years but she enjoy’s getting onto the internet and chatting so feel free to book a call to find out how you and your business can leap onto Streaming T.V.!

Visibility Broadcasting T.V. Network mission is to educate and entertain with the Streaming T.V. Channels in our network.

They include right now, The Business of HomeBased Business TV,   HomeBizStartupTV and Finding Your Purpose TV.

Future channels include Be Your Own Boss TV, Entrepreneur Success TV, Eileen’s Cooking and How to do Art TV.

I am a T.V. Producer and I work along side businesses such as yourselves to enhance your brand awareness, authority and more importantly leads and TRAFFIC!

I have created and managed television channels on two of the biggest Connect TV channel hosts, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

Forget YouTube, social media, PPC, Facebook ads or any of the usual stuff people are doing……because this could just be the ONLY traffic source you’ll ever need to rake in free leads, subscribers and sales like you’ve never seen before. The best part is…… hardly ANYONE knows about it!</p>
Or even better, you can run your existing campaigns along-side it!

I’m willing to bet you’ve most likely never heard of having your OWN television channel before!

And even if you have…… You’ve probably never realized YOU could be using this to get insane exposure for anything you’re selling right now…Your services… Products… Brand exposure, lead generation and more!

Find a new audience on T.V. for those who surf T.V. instead of the INTERNET. Those who have “Cut the Cord” of traditional T.V. and they are looking for education, inspiration, motivation and entertainment to change their lives!

There are 40 Million Users on Roku, 50 Million Users on AmazonFire and they are waiting to check your business messaging out!

If this interests you, we could schedule a call.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To empower, assist and spread the Entrepreneurial spirit through the Visibility Broadcasting T.V. Network

Our Vision

To have a network of Empowering T.V. Shows that promote, educate and assist others fulfill their dream to be their own boss!

Our Values

To empower others, to share wisdom, deal honestly with others and your team and be a force for good in the world.