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by | Sep 21, 2021 | Streamingtv

==According to a CordcutterNews article  on a recent poll, over 55% of the people polled said that online and streaming Television is their default for watching programs.

Just recently Netflix was again a big winner at the Emmys, taking best drama with “The Crown” and other shows. With the pandemic, over 10 million subscribers were added in one year to Roku and Amazonfire each.

According to Hub 2021 Decoding the Code report 2021

After polling over 1500 consumers on what they watch in 2021

7 in 10 use traditional and streaming TV

but the traditional only TV watchers have shrunk by half since last poll.

With the question ” How many of the big 5 – Netflix, Hulu. Disney+, HBOMax and Amazon Prime are you watching?”

With all the new TV platforms being added from Disney+ to Pluto, more people are subscribing to multiple platforms rather than only one like Netflix in previous years.  (Of course, prior to 2020 only three of the big 5 were available).

Disney+, with the pandemic, changed its own Content Distribution rules and premiered movies like Black Widow first on streaming TV platform as most theatres were closed. However, just recently they have returned to the premiering their movies in theatres first.

Pay-TV is declining as there is more choice and in 2021 only 34% of the viewer’s time is spent watch pay television.

Viewers are watching more Smart TV’s doubling since 2019 as more convenience having the various Streaming TV subscriptions available all on one platform. For example, my Roku enabled TV, when I turn it on, it has Netflix, Disney+, Acorn, Hulu, Youtube, etc. all on the Roku platform so it is much easier to subscribe and/or flip from one Streaming TV Channel to another channel.

Thanks to Hub “Decoding the Code” 

for all the polling on the change in viewers habits and how Streaming TV is becoming a force in our viewing habits.

Now what does this mean for your business?  There are many opportunities for any business to grow through advertising, their own Television channel, partnerships, sponsorships and just getting their business out on streaming Television. Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple+ and other platforms realize the need for a variety of broadcast content and they have opened up opportunity for any business to be a Television channel producer with free channel broadcasts.  If you want to chat about the business opportunities out in Streaming TV, book some time in my calendar.

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