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by | Jun 28, 2020 | Streamingtv

Increase Your Business By Leveraging Streaming TV and Networks Like Roku TV and Amazon Fire

Let’s start with one simple fact: your business needs a digital marketing presence.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big national company.

Digital marketing is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy.

It helps you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales.

We all know about marketing mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube but…

The growth of Internet TV has created absolutely new and very powerful opportunity for your business to be seen and heard; not just to advertise, but to market and build credibility like never before. 

Internet video is finally a real advertising and marketing option — and with Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV you can now be seen by more people FASTER than ever before.

These two streaming networks are becoming new platforms businesses can leverage to connect with their audience, grow their brand and influence buying decisions like never before. 

Having Your Own TV Channel Can Skyrocket Your Business!

Let’s talk about Roku TV and Amazon Fire…

Roku currently has over 27 million active accounts, these figures are rapidly increasing with their push to expand into Europe.

Amazon Fire TV currently has 30 million active accounts. And these are users NOT viewers. There could be 3 to 4 people in each household so the combined viewers could be around 200 million people.

I don’t think I have to tell you but these are really big numbers and they are going to get only bigger…

Twenty years ago, there were less than 8 million people on the Internet. Today it’s billions.

Roku and Amazon Fire, as operating systems for TV — ones that turn any TV into an Internet TV — is growing just like the Internet did.

More and more people are installing them in their homes. Next fall, Smart TVs will begin shipping with Roku pre-installed, “Roku Ready.”

You are witnessing the birth of a new medium… There was TV, there was Internet, there was Mobile, and now there’s Roku and Amazon Fire.

That said, businesses are literally racing to get their content on Roku and Amazon Fire.

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